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WER: Movie Trailer (Coming Soon!)

Saturday, October 5th, 2013 At Work, Video Comments Off

AHHHHHHHH!!!!  Yes, that’s me screaming.

I mean, I actually really do scream a lot in the upcoming movie ‘WER’ (coming soon!) And also I’m kind of screaming because I’m excited to finally see this movie on the big screen… ok, and maybe a little scared, too :-)

See for yourself, by CLICKING HERE: and watch the recently released MOVIE TRAILER.

And please do lmk your thoughts via Facebook or Twitter !!!

p.s. I am trying to get better at the whole social media thing… Sometimes it may take a few days to get back to you (hey, I have a kid!) but I really do try to answer everyone’s questions on there. Sooooo- talk soon!? And thanks for your support :-)





Video Game: Sunset Overdrive

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 At Work, Video Comments Off

Another bit of half-news for ya. I am also currently working on the new Insomniac game SUNSET OVERDRIVE. However once again, I can’t tell you much more than that. I know, boo! That said, I can share the trailer with you, which is– admit it– SO FUN.

PRESS: HuffPost Live Interview for PLAYDATE @AOLon

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 At Work, Press, Video Comments Off

Today I had the pleasure of appearing on Huffington Post Live with host Nancy Redd to talk all about mommy stuff and, of course, the recently released PLAYDATE on AOL. I am so excited about this project and can’t help marvel at the timing of it all… Though I am sure I would have been talking to moms everywhere when promoting Playdate regardless, it’s truly a hugely interesting and appealing conversation for me to have as I get closer and closer myself to entering this brave new world called Motherhood. Check out the interview below and feel free to continue the conversation with me on Twitter! :-) S

Actress Stephanie Lemelin Talks Motherhood – HuffPost Live
Actress Stephanie Lemelin sits down with Nancy Redd to talk about her new role on Playdate. Plus they discuss the politics surrounding motherhood.

PILOT: Satisfaction (CTV) and GUEST STAR: Bones (FOX) and our 1st PSA Campaign: I Love My Pit Bull

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 At Work, Musings and Reflection, Service, Video Comments Off

Hey people! So I just found out that the episode of Bones I did awhile back will be airing in a couple weeks finally! Set your DVR’s for Monday, Nov 26, 2012 – for Season 8, Episode 8: “The But in the Joke” – it’s a good one!!!  Click here for related article.

In other news, I am currently on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada filming a comedy pilot called Satisfaction (for CTV). So far I am loving the cast and crew and feeling very excited about the entire thing. Am also really enjoying the city of Toronto. Though, admittedly, there is one large caveat I am sad to report.  I recently learned that the entire province of Ontario has a ban on pit bull type dogs, which deeply disturbs me. While I am intensely against BDL- breed discriminatory legislation, click here to learn more - I have never felt it hit so close to home, and it really hurts. Basically, this means that if the pilot I am working on should go to series, and my family were to relocate here, they will most likely not allow our dogs into the province. Some cities (in the U.S.) have passed legislation which requires anyone who owns a pit bull type dog to get a special permit, pay for special insurance (as if we had a wild, Bengal tiger as a pet, not a domestic dog) and to muzzle one’s family pets while outside the home AT ALL TIMES… And this is similarly true here in Ontario for people whose pit bull type dogs have “status”– meaning they had them before the ban went into effect in 2005. However, we would be new people coming in, after the ban… so our dogs wouldn’t have “status”– aka, even if we paid the extra money and got the insurance and muzzled our extremely loving, well trained dogs, just to follow their rules (even though they have never done anything to warrant this) -  we still wouldn’t be allowed to have them here.  If we did bring them, they could literally be taken away from us (by law) and KILLED.

Can you imagine this?????

It’s really hard to summarize in a quick little blog post how heartbreaking this is (our dogs are our family, and they have done NOTHING WRONG!) Brucely is almost ten years old, incredibly docile, and we have had him since he was 3 months old when we adopted him via the South Los Angeles Shelter. He has never known life without us, and has been one of the brightest lights in our lives. Our dog Stanley is a street rescue, whom I met while volunteering in New Orleans several months post-Hurricane Katrina.  He is now around 8 years old and has come so far since those days– truly having inspired and taught us so much. Together, they have been foster brothers to countless ACPB rescues whom we have sheltered in our home while we network them for adoptive homes. We love our dogs, and we can’t imagine not having them in our lives. Especially for a reason like this one:  blatant, thoughtless, painful discrimination.

Discrimination in all forms (from dogs to people) only harms and hurts. When it comes to BSL (Breed Specific Legislature) or, better yet- BDL (Breed Discriminatory Legislature), more and more victims are created, and it does not solve any of the original issues people might have had for passing it. It also wrongly blames dogs instead of cruel or irresponsible humans. Just this past summer, the American Bar Association agreed and firmly recommended against breed BDL in general.  Still… the whole thing makes me feel heavy all over…   Threatening my innocent pets’ lives on account of… what? Ignorance, hysteria, misinformation, and myths? It blows my mind. Honestly, this subject calls for a much larger and deeper discussion. Which, in truth, is something I intend to have…  With whom, and where and when, all TBD. Though a friend did recently send me this timely news article (see here) about MLB player Mark Buehrle who was recently traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. I know his name well, since his family are fellow animal lovers who have experienced (and stood up against) discrimination before… So am already thinking I am going to have to meet these wonderful people and start an alliance! We need to spread some education and compassion… The dogs need our voice.

Rather than continue to try and TELL you why this is all so very important to me, I think it best to just SHOW you :-) And so, I present our brand new PSA Campaign recently completed by the ACPB Media Team. It’s called “I LOVE MY PIT BULL” and below are the first 2 PSA’s in our 3 part series that highlights how all dogs are individuals, just like their owners. Please enjoy, and please do share, far and wide! Our positive, happy, loving stories deserve to be heard, too!


~Stephanie (Bruce & Stan’s proud mama- who appear in PSA #2 btw!) p.s. Make sure to click the button on the bottom right below to watch the videos in HD.

I Love My Pit Bull – ACPB PSA #2:

I Love My Pit Bull – ACPB PSA #1:

TRAILER: Playdate (Vuguru/AOL)

Thursday, November 1st, 2012 At Work, Video Comments Off

Ooooooh!!! The trailer for Playdate is up and it’s so fun! Check it out:

MOVIE: Absolute Fear

Friday, September 30th, 2011 At Work, Video Comments Off

ABSOLUTE FEAR (fka as Project Fear) is in the process of being sold and the distribution company recently launched a trailer on their site… as well as a new poster. Check it out!

Click here to watch the Absolute Fear Movie Trailer on Mar Vista Entertainment’s website!


Monday, February 28th, 2011 At Work, Video Comments Off

Click on the Movie Poster below to watch the Project Fear trailer! Make sure to click the bottom right corner to see it full screen.

ANIMATION: Artemis debuts TONIGHT!

Friday, February 11th, 2011 At Work, Video No Comments

After a year of working on this cartoon and having to keep quiet (so hard for me!!! ha!) I can hardly believe that my girl ARTEMIS is finally going to debut tonight national television! Woohooo! Tune in to the Cartoon Network this evening and see Artemis live as she proves why she should join the YJ team. Here’s a pic that was just released online (click on it to see it bigger)… And there are also some teaser clips too… but they are SUCH a tease, it’s almost better to just watch when the episode comes on… HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! :) S

UPDATE: Watch the debut episode online by clicking here.

GUEST STAR: Disney’s “Shake It Up!”

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 At Work, Video Comments Off

Last night I completed shooting a hilarious Guest Star spot on an episode of the soon-to-be-hit series “Shake It Up” for the Disney Channel. I have to say, it was a bit strange playing one of the “oldest” characters on the show, however this adorable dance-centric comedy *is* for kids and the stars are all around 15 yrs old or younger… I definitely had a great time working on this (the character I played was SOOOO FUN!) and the kids on this show are RIDICULOUSLY talented and really, really FUNNY.

UPDATE: 12/6/10 Just found out that the episode I did (called “Age it Up”) and is scheduled to air Thursday, December 9th at 8 PM and it repeats at 9:30. It will also air on December 10th at 9:30pm, December 11th at 2pm, December 12th at 6:30pm, December 14th at 12:30pm, & December 16th at 3pm.

UPDATE 1/11/11: You can watch the episode online by clicking on the links below!

RECURRING: The Whole Truth

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 At Work, Video Comments Off

Been working quite a bit on this new show lately. We’ve shot 4 episodes so far, and I can honestly say each week when I get the script for the next episode, I get so excited to read it! Each one reads like a thrilling suspense novel, and you truly never know whodunit til the very end. I love being a part of this… the people are fantastic, and the show is so fun. Looking forward to the premiere… exactly one month from tomorrow!!!

FROM ABC…. “Go beyond the verdict with a new legal drama that keeps you guessing until the very end. Watch as each case is built by the prosecution and the defense only to reveal The Whole Truth in the final moments of each episode.”

Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 10|9c on ABC

VIDEO: Clip from 90210 Episode 15 (Season 2) [Part 3/5]

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 At Work, Video Comments Off

I’m feeling very high-tech! That last post inspired me to find more clips on the internet… this is too easy!? Here’s a quick snapshot from the 90210 spot I did recently– I come on around minute five…

VIDEO: Watch Ghost Whisperer- Episode 5:21- “Dead Ringer”

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 At Work, Video Comments Off

So one of my oldest, dearest friends asked me to post the GW episode I recently guest-starred in because she ‘totally forgot’ to watch it (apparently being a mother 3 beautiful girls all under the age of 4 keeps her busy or something!?)  AKA I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it-and-am-totally-in-awe!!! I must give credit to YOUTUBE for making this so easy, despite the fact that no one gets any residuals (but who wants to embark on that sad debate!?)  Anyway- below are the links to watch the episode, which is divided into 5 chronological parts…  Enjoy!


And, thanks for watching. Then and now…

VIDEO: The Whole Truth- pilot clip!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 At Work, Video Comments Off

Below is a reposting of an article by Rick Porter:

The Whole Truth’ clips: ABC’s legal drama looks at both sides

What you see may not be what you get with ABC’s new legal drama “The Whole Truth.”

That’s not because of any inherent sneakiness within the show — although it is a courtroom drama, so it’s reasonable to expect some twists and turns in its cases. But after the pilot was shot and ABC decided to pick it up for fall, star Joely Richardson (“Nip/Tuck”) decided to drop out of the show so she could spend more time with her family. The network will be recasting Richardson’s part, a prosecutor who frequently squares off with her former law-school classmate (Rob Morrow), who’s now a defense lawyer.

The hook for “The Whole Truth,” which was created by Tom Donaghy (“Without a Trace”) is that it will show both the prosecution and defense preparing and presenting its case, with the goal of keeping the audience guessing about who’s on the right side. The cast also includes Eamonn Walker, Sean Wing, Anthony Ruvivar and Christine Adams.

“The Whole Truth” will air at 10 p.m. ET Wednesdays on ABC in the fall. Take a look:

GUEST STAR: GHOST WHISPERER (Preview of Episode 5:21- Dead Ringer)

Monday, May 10th, 2010 At Work, Video Comments Off

This Friday, May 14th, the episode of Ghost Whisperer that I guest starred in (as the character of Gale Thompson) is scheduled to air on CBS.  Below is a sneak peak of the episode, entitled “Dead Ringer.” For more info, see my prior blog post here.

MOVIE: Disarmed, see the trailer!

Monday, January 11th, 2010 In-Motion Pix, Video No Comments

I am excited to share the trailer for our movie, Disarmed.  Making this movie has been a true labor of love for my husband, me, and the rest of the creative team at In-Motion Pictures.  We finished filming Disarmed in early 2008 and subsequently went into an arduous post-production phase. In August of 2009, Disarmed was accepted into the Action On Film Festival, where it was nominated for 7 Awards including Action Picture of the Year, Best Score, Best Effects, Best Fight Sequence and Best Martial Arts Sequence.  I am of course very proud to say that my hottie husband, Krav Maga expert A.J. Draven, won the award for 2009 Breakout Action Star.  Fun, fun! Anyway, here’s the trailer below, can’t wait to get back on here soon and share the news of where and when you can watch/buy the film!


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