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MOVIES: Playdate & WER (and more)

Friday, April 13th, 2012 At Work, Musings and Reflection

The last week of March was pretty incredible for me work-wise… I was shooting a guest star spot on The Mentalist, which started about 3 days after wrapping on BONES, and we were shooting on the beach up in Malibu, which is beautiful… but also translates to basically no cell reception for a great number of hours. When we finally did wrap, I grabbed my stuff, and started driving down the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway… and my cell phone lit up with messages. I started to listen to the succession of things that had happened since that morning… And it was honestly rather dreamy…  I found out I had officially gotten a part in a movie called WER that I’d been auditioning for for WEEKS, and I also learned I had been offered the leading role in a movie I hadn’t even read yet- but sounded awesome- and they needed an answer that night! I was freaking out…  I didn’t fully understand even what the project was… but I knew some of the people involved and I respected and trusted them… and so I had a very good feeling.

Now it’s a few weeks later and my life has been going 100mph so I haven’t had a second to sit down and process it til now! The second movie (which will also be released online via AOL as a series) has pretty much consumed my life since that day… it’s a dark comedy called PLAYDATE and it’s kind of like Mean Girls except with young moms, kind of? I play Amy, and it’s honestly the single best role I’ve ever had :-) There is so much to work with and I tear up with gratitude every day when I drive home from work… I cannot believe I am #1 on the call sheet either, yes I am dorking out about this!!! It’s been just over ten years since I came to L.A. and for me this is an incredible accomplishment. I get to the end on SO MANY THINGS and it always seems that the part goes to a “Name Star” which is such a Catch-22, because you can’t really become a name without someone taking a chance on you. Of course, it’s also an intense responsibility- I’m in every single scene, and I have just under a billion lines to memorize. That said, I am grateful and present and aware of every single moment of it… and though it’s been challenging at times (since we’re shooting on a low budget and it’s a passion project for many involved) it’s truly been wonderful for me… I am loving my fellow cast members, our producers, our crew, and our director, the fabulous Melanie Mayron. And of course, our writer, Melissa, whose script cracks me up and makes me cry every day as I work like hell to bring it properly to life. 

Moving on, I am scheduled to leave for ROMANIA (so exciting!!!) the first couple weeks of May to start shooting the other movie WER- which (thank dog!) had its start date pushed back due to scheduling conflicts with other stuff on their end- meaning I am able to do both (I still can’t believe they didn’t conflict.) I *love* this role also (it’s SO different!) as well as the people involved, and am really looking forward to doing it- and of course, exploring a new country. Plus, I will have just a couple weeks between the end of one movie and the beginning of the next which is kind of a dream come true for me also… Since the worst part about being an actor (for me anyway) is truly not knowing when your next job is going to come … so this has been pretty freaking fantastic all around. Especially after the crappy year I had last year. However, I am still grateful for that since it spurred me to get new agents which I believe is why I am seeing so much more work… and that change was long overdue, lemme tell ya…

Anyway, rounding out the cherry on the top is the great news that I booked several voice-over jobs as well recently, and my wonderful v/o agents have arranged it so that I can record these on my days off between the movies, aka I heart them very much! All in all, I am definitely reminded of the saying that in the business of acting, it’s typically FEAST or FAMINE. All I know is I am grateful to everyone who cares to support and believe in me (from friends and fam, to agents… casting directors, etc) and also that… well, all these analogies have made me kinda hungry. So yeah… I must go eat now- will write again soon when I have more career news to share- and thank you, thank you, thank you.. I am definitely not taking this moment for granted.




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