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GUEST STAR: The Closer (TNT)

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 At Work, Musings and Reflection

Well I am newly obsessed with The Closer on TNT. Quite possibly the nicest cast and crew I have ever worked with!? I couldn’t believe how gracious and kind and cool everyone was. I had a really fun part, albeit kinda quick… but thinking about it from their end… They have SO MANY guest stars who come in and out… and they’ve been on for a very long time! So I definitely did not expect anyone to really care about getting to know me in the short amount of time I was there… But wowza! Not only did everyone welcome me with open arms, the director even let me have a take where I literally got to play around and do what I wanted (so cool!?) Seriously… may be in my top 5 guest star experiences ever! With the first of that list probably being… THE MULLETS- a short lived series that very few people watched that I guest starred on many, many moons ago. But honestly the most hilarious job I have ever had. I played a Stunt Woman named Stephanie (!) and in the course of one episode was axed in the stomach, blown up, and got to punch a bunch of people. And make out with a guy in a mullet. Which reminds me that I also made out with a dinosaur (pretending to be a human) as well as a Caveman (several times)… But I digress. My point is… I have a strange job. No! My point is… right- I loved working on The Closer.  I watched a bunch of episodes online prior to working on it to familiarize myself with the tone and feel of the show (I often do this before I audition for a show, anyway) but I don’t normally watch more than 1 or 2 episodes in a row. And I skim through them. In this case, I watched 3 eps and barely Fast Forwarded… maybe even set my DVR to record it. And get this- Kyra owns a pit bull. I know, I know, I shouldn’t just automatically love her (right?) But I did, before I even met her. And then… she was just as awesome, if not more so, then I could have hoped for. Anyway- will let you all know when I know when the episode will air. It was called “Relative Matters” and my character’s name was Claudia. And Claudia was a fun one to play :-)


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